Review by Tony Hickey, Village Magazine
(Issue 117 - Dec, 2006)


 Tommy Storm is a knockout achievement that succeeds on so many levels and satirises so many cultural
and literary genres that, to me, it reads as if Flann O'Brien had taken to writing science-fiction.

Earth, 2096. People live in floating buildings above the oceans that now cover most of the landmass.  Trouble is brewing in the Milky Way that can no longer be seen through the permanent cloud cover.  Loser Tommy Storm, aged 11, is selected, for all the wrong reasons, to attend a training school in the Milky Way that will prepare him and his companions for the forthcoming battle against the evil Elsorr Maudlin.

AJ Healy has given us a tale laced with verbal elegance that, as in all good satire, causes us to swallow the sugar-coated pill before we know what's happening.  And the satire starts with the blurb on the front cover: "Winner of the 'My-Book-is-Better-Than-Your-Book' Piffle Prize (2097)".

There are jokes and laughs on every page.  The book succeeds brilliantly on many levels.  Sci-fi fans with a sense of humour will particularly love it, as will readers who endorse the notion that uncomplicated narrative is just not enough for many young people.  Agile minds need agile challenges. 

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