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Tommy Storm is a knockout achievement that succeeds on so many levels and satirises so many cultural
and literary genres that, to me, it reads as if Flann O'Brien had taken to writing science-fiction.” 

Tony Hickey, Village Magazine  (read entire review)

AJ Healy takes his readers on a rollicking yet philosophical ride across the galaxy... This book is truly entertaining; funny, gripping, imaginative, full of suspense, strong characters and utter wackiness!” 
Inis (The Children's Books Ireland magazine)  (read entire review)

“Hilarious… An intergalactic Gulliver’s Travels…   
The lasting effect is to make our world seem increasingly strange.        
...Although this book is seen in terms of children and teenagers as possible            
first readers, I would not be at all surprised if it became a cult book                
 among adults.
”    Professor Declan Kiberd*** (55 ½ )               

 “A must-read for any ‘grown-up’ who’s never quite grown up.”            
Nikki Walsh, journalist (29 ¾ ***)          

 “Has everything a great book needs mystery, action, suspense & mad, mad humour.”       
Callum MacIver (12*)    

“This is not a kids’ book. It’s an adults’ book that kids will love.” 

Charlie Craig (31***)   


“AMAZING!!! I loved everything about it… I just couldn’t put it down.”     

Michelle O’Hurley (12 ¼*)        

 “Wow! What a read!! This book is for ANY AGE adults, teenagers, kids…          
The pages seemed to    turn themselves…  
So perfectly believable              
 and so well-written, you almost feel you were there...
I WANT MORE!”                

Sam Ford (15*)                      

“Philosophy, the health of our planet and the very evolution of                         
humanity all tackled from a mad, yet revealing perspective. Don’t read
too fast or you’ll miss it!”   Vanessa Harriss, journalist (36 ¾***)                       


                                "Unputdownable!”   Jamie O’Reilly (13 ½*)

                        “Funny, clever, inventive, unpredictable.”    Seb Gietl (12 ¼*)

                   “Probably the worst book I ever read.”    — Felkor Stagwitch (82**)

               “Extraordinary… Somehow through (the) journey we come to the heart of one boy
              who speaks for us all.”  
Carolyn Shouse (58 ⅜***)

            “A brilliant escape from reality. Laugh-out-loud funny on both a children’s
           level and a more mature one.”  
Jennifer Leahy (14 ½*)

        “I absolutely adored it. I couldn't put it down!  I am dying for the second
       one to come out.”  
 — Eva Hartigan (11*)

     “Amazing… Fab storyline, brilliantly funny, really cool characters… Makes
      our world seem really boring in comparison!”  
Emma Tiernan (15 ¼*)

        “Imaginative, funny, clever — I loved the characters!”  
        — Alice Quinn Banville (10*)

                  “It was like looking at my own face in the mirror.”   
Daniel Tatlow-Devally (12*)


                                                  "The plot is brilliant and U WILL LOVE IT!  10 out of 10."
                                                     — Claire Cullen (11*) [review on www.Bestbooks4ever.com]



The Irish Times included Tommy Storm and the Galactic Knights in its "bookfeast" Top-Ten "Gems of gloom & global warming", referring to the book as "AJ Healy's blockbuster... (which) youngsters find hilarious."
The Sunday Tribune included Tommy Storm and the Galactic Knights in its Top-Ten list of "the best crossover reads" - being "books that parents can sneak a look at while the kids are doing their homework. Fables that work on one level for kids, and on a mythic level for adults. Books that engage on the kind of emotional plane that some adult novels can only aspire to. And so, in the wake of the Potter and Twilight sagas, here are 10 of the best books to get all ages squabbling this Christmas over who gets to read them first."
Tommy Storm and the Galactic Knights is, they say, "an enjoyable romp, full of fizz and humour."
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About some of the named Reviewers


Professor Declan Kiberd is a regular reviewer of books for The Irish Times, The Times Literary Supplement, The London Review of Books and The New York Times.  He is Professor of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at University College Dublin and is also a judge of various literary competitions.


Nikki Walsh has written for the Irish Times and other publications.  Currently, she is the editor of Prudence magazine.


Vanessa Harriss works for SHE magazine (London) and has written articles for other publications.


Carolyn Shouse is a dance choreographer working with regional theatre in the U.S.


Charlie Craig is a regular guy in a regular job who just happens to like reading good books.


The young reviewers are all keen readers.  None of them were known to the author at the time of their review.  These are the reviews of which A.J. is most proud.



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