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TS1 and TS2 are available to buy on the internet at many on-line stores
- search for it at your favourite.  The Finnish language version is available in Finland (surprising, that!).


The black & yellow book above is the edition of Tommy Storm published by Quercus (UK).  Exactly the same story, just a different cover and less of a collector's item than the original.



Tommy Storm & The Galactic Knights is the sequel to Tommy Storm which is why we call it TS2.


TS2 is set three years after TS1.  By now, Tommy and his four friends are Galactic Knights on a mission to save the universe from impending doom.  Time is running out and the knights have many obstacles in their path.  Between them, they must face the dreaded Beast of Hellsbells, resist the dangerous allure of fame on an intergalactic game-show, and escape the deathly intents of the sherbet-addicted Nack Jickilson and the suicidal Chocolate Terrorists.


Meanwhile, the evil mastermind A-Sad-Bin-Liner is plotting to unleash a wave of mass destruction.  Tommy will be forced to choose between his friends and his ambition,  and ultimately between the survival of the universe and his own life.



(c) 2011  A.J. Healy