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AJ wrote Tommy Storm in early 2002 and self-published the book in 2006.  With very little funds for marketing & no staff, the book relied on word-of-mouth for sales.  A few months later,  having sold c.3,000 copies, Quercus (a UK publisher) stepped in to purchase the rights to Tommy Storm and relaunched the book (with new cover) in March 2008.  (Click here to learn more about the self-publishing story.)




Publishing/Translation Rights

Any persons interested in purchasing publishing or translation rights to Tommy Storm should contact Quercus Books (email: Roisin.Heycock@quercusbooks.co.uk  tel: +44 207 291 2224)


Film Rights

If you are interested in acquiring the movie rights to Tommy Storm, please send $3.68 squillion to AJ Healy or, if that's not an option, call  Mary O'Dwyer on +353-87-241-2845 or email Mary at mfodwyer@yahoo.com.





Big thanks go to the following (very special) people for reading early editions of Tommy Storm & The Galactic Knight and making helpful comments...


David Ganly

Roisin Heycock

Parul Bavishi

Nikki Walsh

Ronan Healy




AJ would also like to thank many, many people for helping him with producing and marketing the self-published, first edition of Tommy Storm


Particular thanks to...


MF for being so darn great
Ronan Healy for helping with everything (check out Ro's event management company at www.catapult.ie)
Nikki Walsh for all the encouragement
Vanessa Harris for pricking my bubbles of pomposity, eking out potential rude words & helping me to cut the waffle
Nicola Carthy for the illustrations  (read more about Nicola here


And big thanks to...

Emma Webb

Professor Declan xxKiberd

Marco Herbst David Ganly Maria Dickenson
Peter Duggan Richard Pike Liza Pullman Derek Hughes
Alan Smyth Charlotte Hayward Kerri Nolan Sile Allen Nelson Liu
Nicola Carthy Jessica Elliott Lena Tiernan Chara Nagle Michael Killeen
Sam Hill Russell Elliott Lorraine Brennan Clem Wilson Thomas Conway
Bride Rosney Maija Roughan Ed Miller Dick Mulvey Tricky
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Nelson Luk Grainne Killeen Michael Killeen Louise Craig Gavan Duffy
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Mark Spain Alistair Payne Hugh Carroll Orla McSweeney Suzy Jenvey
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Mum Stefan Van Engen Robert Roughan Derick Mulvey  
Tony Duggan Louise Daly      
Marianne Gunn xxO'Connor        


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