Nicola Carthy
(Graphic Designer/Illustrator)



Nicola was in her fourth year of the Visual Communications degree in NCAD (Dublin, Ireland) when the self-published edition of Tommy Storm was launched.  As a tiny person, she loved colouring-in, reading and making a mess.  As a slightly taller person, she still enjoys the same things - which is why she'd love to work full-time in the area of book design and illustration when she leaves college. 

Nicola loves all aspects of visual communications and generally seeks to bridge the line that divides designer and illustrator.  This approach has lent her the versatility needed for the various projects she's worked on in and out of college.  Nicola has a slight obsession with pop-up books and paper engineering and is currently writing a thesis on the use of paper mechanisms in children's illustrations.

Nicola can be contacted at the following email address: