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AJ continues to give readings & talks around the country.  Some upcoming events & recently completed readings are listed below.  AJ is a participant in the Irish Writer's In Schools programme (see this link for more info).


Upcoming Events
>  AJ giving a workshop on "Worldbuilding" at Big Smoke Writing Factory, Dublin
Recently Completed Readings etc.
Readings of TS2 in London & Surrey, UK; National Gallery, Dublin, as part of Books2009; Willow Park (Dublin); Archbishop Ryan NS (Lucan, Dublin); St Laurence O'Toole's GNS ( Dublin); Gowran National School (Kilkenny); Book Centre (Waterford); Dubray Books (Swan Centre); St Michael's College Junior Schools (Dublin); Monaghan Library; Castleblaney Library; Carrickmacross Boys' National School; Byrne's Bookstore (Wexford); The Book Centre (Waterford); Borders Books (Blanchardstown, Dublin); Dubray Books (Rathmines, Dublin); Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Dublin (www.olhsc.ie)  


Want AJ to come to your school & do a reading?

If your school is in Ireland, you can arrange for AJ to come to your classroom to read from Tommy Storm and answer questions.  The session can be part funded through the Writer's In Schools scheme so it doesn't cost your school very much.  Simply ask your teacher to contact AJ or Poetry Ireland to organise it (see Poetry_Ireland_website). 






TS3 (the sequel to the sequel!)

No news yet on when TS3 is coming out.  AJ is waiting on a publisher to pay an advance before he can begin writing TS3.  But times are tough in UK publishing at the moment...  The recession, blah, blah, blah.  Watch this space.


If you'd like to be notified when a publication date for TS3 is known, email AJ  at aj@tommystorm.com and ask to be put on the distribution list!



TS1 First Editions

Tommy Storm was published by Quercus  in the UK and Ireland on March 6, 2008.  The original self-published version of Tommy Storm (published in 2006) is now out of print, so those copies look like becoming valuable first editions!  (Check out the first edition).



Other-Language Editions

Tommy Storm will be published in Finland by Tammi later this year (www.tammi.fi).  Here's what the Finnish edition will look like... (the cover was designed by Sami Saramäki - thanks Sami!)

And for any Finnish readers...

Haluan vain sanoa, kuinka iloinen olen siita, etta Tommy Storm julkaistaan Suomessa. Eras rakas ystavani on puoliksi suomalainen (han auttoi minua kaantamalla taman viestin suomeksi), ja mina olen kaynyt Suomessa kaksi kertaa - mutta molemmat kaynnit olivat kovin lyhyita, joten minulla on toivomus palata sinne pitemmalla ajalla.


Toivottavasti Tommy Stormin suomenkielinen julkaisu antaa minulle hyvan syyn tulla taas pian Suomeen. Jos joku haluaisi organisoida asian, mina olisin mielellani valmis tulemaan sinne lukutilaisuuksiin tai sarjalukuihin yli kymmenvuotisille lapsille. Mutta valitettavasti en osaa suomea (paitsi 'tervetuloa'), joten lukeminen kavisi vain englannin kielella. 


Toivon, etta pidatte Tommy Storm'ista (Uskon hanessa olevan jonkun verran suomalaisuutta!)


Parhain terveisin






Elsewhere on the Web

If you're a sucker for punishment, there's more AJ/Tommy Storm stuff to be found here...


Wikipedia entry for Tommy Storm (please add to it or correct it as you see fit - thanks!)


And this YouTube video is from AJ doing a reading of TS1 at Malorees Junior School in Kilburn (the reading - about 1 hour - is in 11 parts.  Part 1-4 have been uploaded, Parts 5-11 will be uploaded in the coming days).



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