Alan Smyth


As of 2006, Alan Smyth had been an actor for fifteen years, most of which he has spent actually working in his chosen profession! He has appeared in every major theatre in Ireland, toured twice to America (New York and Charleston, South Carolina) and played at The Opera House in Cairo, Egypt.

He is best known as 'Eoghan Healy' in RTÉ's Fair City which he appeared in for five years and for his work at The Gate Theatre and in The Gaiety Theatre annual Pantomime where he appeared six times and co-wrote several of the scripts.  He has also worked with many companies abroad such as the BBC, Paramount Films, Showtime Productions.  He has recently completed shooting "13" with Stephen Dorff and "Becoming Jane" with Anne Hathaway and Maggie Smith.

He is currently struggling to finish his first novel "Thirty Rotten Scoundrels".  (It's bloody hard! — A.S.)

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