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— a wild adventure, a mad thought-provoking comedy —



  Tommy Storm is  set in 2096 — when Earth's climate has completely changed due to The Great Climate Enhancement*.  By now adult Earthlings know that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Milky Way, but they keep this secret from children because they fear they will be scared. 

The book opens with an invitation to Earth to send five children to a training school on the far side of the Milky Way, populated by children from all over the galaxy.  The purpose of this training is to prepare participants for a mission that is "too dangerous and too secret to divulge."

  Tommy Storm (aged 11¼) is a big loser with no friends, who gets teased all the time.  For twisted reasons, he is chosen as one of the five to represent Earth at the training school run by Wisebeardyface, Miss Zohfria LeWren and other fantastical characters.  Here, Tommy learns how to wield a flashscimitar, to fly a jegg and to jump through wig-holes.  Thrown into a dorm with 4 “kids” from other planets, he makes the first real friends of his life and then finds himself in a desperate bid to save Earth from obliteration.



Aimed at adults on one level and at younger readers (10 years+) on another, the Tommy Storm books have the epic adventure of Star Wars, the philosophical impact of The Little Prince and the mad, unpredictability of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory...  They are stories about what it means to be human.  Check out the reviews.



* Click here to learn more about Earth in 2096.


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